The RGX Specter

RGX Body Spray

Rachel Specter is the leading model for the "Right Guard" RGX male body spray. Since she is an illegitimate child she had to get back at her father for never admitting she is even alive, hiding her true origin from the general public, and having horrible fake democratic policies. Ever since she learned that she has conspired to get back at her corrupt father by becoming famous and eventually exposing him. Now she is all over Television commercials for body spray thanks to her conniving arguments to her father in supporting her infamy who pulled strings and allocated capital to support her budding franchise investment so the scandal would not be exposed by Rachel's Abandoned Mother.

Rachel Specter, Spray Girl

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Alren Specter Scandal

She and her continuous 'stream' of Girlfriends CONTINOUSLY Pee in the conservative fake democrat Senator Arlen Specter's Pool Which is Drained directly into RDX bottles mixed with deodorant sweat from guys balls and of course only a little scented fragrance so girls have to 'get close' to smell your urine stained body as her famous ad campaign says: "I don't want to smell your body spray from here .. Not Here .. Not Even Here .. I want to smell you from right [OH MY GOD WHO PISSD ON YOU]"

Urine + Pool = RGX

Revenge Is Sweet Isn't it You Phony Conservative Democrat. WireTapping Is Good for Nuclear Terrorism, Gay Marriages are gay, and Why the Hell Do those Combination of policies make you "Liberal"?

P. S. Arlen Specter Pee May be on you right now too so be sure to use sand paper all over your skin for the next week if the have ever used RGX.


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