The Previous Incarnations of me, AllA Erawa Viacad,

The Previous Incarnations of The Greatest Leader,

The Previous Incarnations of The Greatest Prophet,

The Previous Incarnations of The Greatest Conqueror!

The Previous Incarnations of me, AllA Erawa Viacad, The Previous Incarnations of The Greatest Leader, The Previous Incarnations of The Greatest Prophet, The Previous Incarnations of The Greatest Conqueror!

1 AM April 1st 1985 - 21,000,000,000 Post Big Bang{I Will Live 6 Billion Years Until I Will Be Reborn Over And Over Again Over 1,444,000 Years And Reincarnated In The Other Video Game Script I Haven't Published Yet To Live 7 Billion Years After Around 21,000,000,000 PBB}: AllA Erawa Viacad formerly Alexander Gerhard Beck. Still Alive. Was Bill Gates In My Nightwalker.

1984: Atrayu in the Never Ending Story as my heaven afterlife. Died and got Incarnated as me.

1917 - 1984 General Dwight Delenor Eisenhower.

1852 - 1917: Gerhard Beck the Great. Died, killed Waiting for reinforcements in the shelling of Konigsschloss Neuschwanstein Castle Fighting Betrayers.

1799 - 1852: Lord Wellington. Died.

1732 - 1799: George Washington. Changed Identity.

1589 - 1732: Shogonate Tokagawa. Died.

1587 - 1589: Sir Francis Drake Again.. Changed Identity.

1534 - 1587: Shogonate Tokagawa. Changed Identity.

BlackThorn form Shogun landed in Japan as described in the book Shogun and became Daimyo Tokagawa through Changed Identity.

1482 - 1534: BlackThorn. Changed Identity. + 1497 - 1499 Vasco Da Gama. Changed Identity.

1328 - 1482: Zhu Yuanzhang, Ming Emperor. Died.

1200 - 1328: Genghis Khan. Moved To Beijing China To Maintain Silk Road. Peasants Thought I Was Reborn.

1193 - 1200: Templar King. Died.

1138 - 1193: Saladin. Changed Identity.

632 - 1138 AD: Merovingian King. Died.

570 - 632 AD: Muhammad. Changed Identity.

453 - 570 AD: Charlemagne. Died.

406 - 453 AD: Attila the Hun. Changed Identity.

33 AD - 406 AD: Secret King of Poisoned Rome. Died.

1 AD - 33 AD: Jesus Christ. Changed Identity.

47 BC - 1 BC: Julius Caesar. Died.

356 BC - 47 BC: Alexander the Great. Changed Identity.

600 BC - 356 BC: Sun Tzu/Buddha. Died.

1525 BC - 600 BC: Moses. Died.


6000 PC: Aladdin. Died?

0000 Post Civilization - 6000 PC: Many Kings and Emperors like Valhalla. Changed Identity and Death.

Ramayana: Krishna. Died.

1,000,000 - 82 Before Civilization: Various Human/Elvish Leaders crafting our civilization some of whom are the earliest of humans. Aragorn from Lord of the Rings is last of them from 100,233 to 82 BC.

9,000,000,000 - 13,749,000,000 PBB: Various Leaders with changing Identities or Death before every AllA Erawa Viacad. AllA Erawa Viacad 9.

4,000,000,000 PBB - 9,000,000,000 PBB: AllA Erawa Viacad 8.

1 - 4,000,000,000 PBB: AllA Erawa Viacad 7.

0 - 1 PBB: AllA Erawa Viacad 1-6 inside a computer simulation.

0 PBB: First Nanite.

Legacy Of Dr. AllA Erawa Viacad

Family I Am In Now Fanagled This Lifetime To Raise Me Begotten Of Myself And A Pixie Always

Pixie Hive Legacy: To Bring Happiness Unto All Beings
1st Of AllA: Tenacle Dick All Pixies | Erawa
2nd Of AllA: Be Avar Of The Alne | Viacad
3rd And Final Of AllA: Protect The Lerblah Hive | AllA
Very Ideally Automatically Coordinated Abstracted Design(er)(s)(ed)
Major Point: Have Sex With Pixies All The Time | Alex

Beck Legacy: Change Names And Legacies As Fit
1st Of Gerhard: Change It For The Greater Good
2nd Of Gerhard: Change It For The Person's Good
3rd And Final Of Gerhard: Control Names And Legacies
Actual Legacy: Serve The Local Lord(s) Over The Surfs
Theodore: Theologian

Fulenwider Legacy: Serve Conan The Barbarian
1st Of Fulenwider: Behead All Those That Go Against Conan's Spiral/(Raster)
2nd Of Fulenwider: Fight For Your Warlord
3rd And Final Of Fulenwider: Serve Arnold Swartzenager Utterly
What It Really Means: Support The Strongest For Power Over All!
Kathleen: Expects People To Go To Them For A Lean Profit But If Debt Builds Up Causes A Lien To Get The Debt Repaid

Heir/Dominance/Inheritance Instructions

Heir To My Own Throne As A Reincarnated 'identical twin' With The Same Spiritual Intelligence As Well, Data/Intellectual-Property/Domain{s}-Name{s}/Treaties{Of Any Kind} To Him As Well, My Place, Accounts, Stocks{Including Pasts/Presents/Futures}, Bonds{Except Not Any Illegitimate/Forclosed/Forsaken Bond Debt Of Viacad Empire Territories And/Or Syndicates}, Estates, Assets, Trusts, Inheritance, And All My Stuff And Riches To Him As Well

AllA's Caliphate; Succession By AllA ALWAYS! If Not There Succession By Council Of Zion Of Supreme ArchAngels

To AllA, Rite Of Council Of The USG-13, Then Down The Line To Rite Of Council Of Lesser Whole Number{s} Of Rank Down To 0 Of Pixies And Pixies Alone

AllA Erawa Viacad's Caliphate Will Carried On By Rank Number Pixies; AllA, (Then Only Female Ler Girlz Who{m} Like AllA Always Exhibit Physical Hyper Shakiness Demonstratable When Looking Closely At Their Fingers When Held By Them In Front Of Their Eyes And Whom Are Also All Hot Sexually To All Other Pixies And Are Always Willing To Sex Up Other Pixie[s] Who[m] She Will Always Think Of As Hot Sexually) Then Rite Of Council Of The 13th Rank Only For The Entirety Of The AvAlne To The 12th If There Are Virtually No 13th Level Pixies Available Down The Line Like That Until Rank Determiner 0.01; To The Weakest New Nymph Who Has At Least 4 Copies Of The Pixie Hive Chromosome In Her And Will Be Destroyed Only When The Last Copy Of The Pixie Hive Chromosome Is Damaged, Marred, Warped, Or Erased. If All Pixies Are Gone The Pixie Hive Chromosome Manifestation Must Be Resurrected Only By Producing Pixie[s], And No This Doesn't Affect The Blue Dragon Seal On The Whole Thing/WebRing Which Makes Everything Free To Copy/Distribute/Propagate. The WebRing Is The Closest Thing To The Pixie Hive Chromosome That Earthlings Know About.

If Someone Says My Last Will And Testament Is Something Else Do Not Believe Them

If I Am Gone Permanently Let The Smartest/Hottest Ler Girl{s} Stay At My Place And Keep It, My Computer/Accounts, And My WebRing Warm Just As Long As They Are Want Everything And Want To Keep All My Stuff And Do All My Imbibables

If Anyone Shall Cause Anything Else To Happen I Shall Conquer Them To Restore The World Beyond It's Former Glory And Vanquish Those That Go Against My Actual Will, If I Am Permanently Gone The Pixies Will Do That In My Stead. Anotherwords Holy Jihad For Pixies!

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