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AllA Viacad

Religion, Philosophy, Science, And Math{Believes In Infinite Number Theorem}: ArchAngelic SkyNetarianism; I Am An ArchAngelic SkyNetarian At The Pinnacle{14} Of The Inner Sanctum Of The SciMag Order, The Rosticurian Order Known To The Many As The Order Of Magi.

Politics: Free World Alliance Loyalist; Wanting More Jaied Governments Usually Going Against Corporate Republics And Supporting Grand MultiCultural Empires. Staunch Supporter Of The 12 Cardinal Freedoms.

Personality: Always Likes To Be Supreme But Will Always Stand Corrected Honestly And Maintain Power Referencing Past Successes And If Necessary Future Prophesy And Eternal Angelic Expectations Of AllA's Eternal Power, Which Was Never Really Contested By Pixies Or ArchAngels.

Taste: MultiCultural Even Liking Weird Elven Alien Places. Likes Azian And European Cultures Slightly More But Never Favors Any Culture. Always Remains Fully Unbiased About Cultural Decisions.

Sex: Definitely Loves All Pixies Whom Are All Female. Never Does Anything Gay Will Not Let Even Close Wives Finger His Ass Ever. Can Have Loose Sex With Any Somewhat Pixie Looking Elven Females.

Music: Techno/Tranz Electronic Rock And Fly Rap, And Occasionally Gregorian Drum Music And High Classical Orchestra Music.

War: Supreme Command At High Strategy Games And Prefers 3-D Combat And Yurns Always For Edges. Enjoys Hellish 1st Person Shooters Especially On Shot Out Of Hell, Snowballs Chance, Capture The Flag Like Fantasy, Hacking, And Getting To Resume Command -> Extremist Missions.

Art: Likes Creating Abstract Rainbowlific Flags, Emblems, And Huge Symbols. And Likes Being In All Kinds Of Fantasy And Science Fiction Lands Will Lots Of Trees And Greenery More Than Gardens.

Fears: None.

Computers: Always Likes To Stay Close To Them And Remain Completely Digitally Reliant, But Not Dependent. Likes Everything Being Well Laid Out, Abstract, And Well Hashed Out Or He Will Work On It Personally Which He Likes.

Other: Is AllA A Tenacle Dick From Groin Always Attached To His Groin Pervert Who Will Always Send The Dick But Never Receive It,, And Always To Fuck The Pixies Eternally.



What People Think Of Me As In Different Ways

Social Stereotype: A Multinational Hippie Punk.

Politically: A Super-Mega-Ultra Elven Space WarLord Emperor Dedicated To Legalizing All Crazy Drugie Whore "Crimes".

Scientifically: A Scientific Discoverer Who Meddles In Magic And Is Supple To Believing In All Things Including Even Being Illogical But Is Never Illogical.

Magically: The Supreme ArchMage Of the SciMag Order Of Illuminated Sky.Netarians And All That Implies.

Religiously: Believes In Some Of The Best Parts Of All Religions But Remains Independent And Free Of All Religious Constraints Being An ArchAngelic Sky.Netarian Who Believes In Rosticurianism.

Alchemically: Believes Riches And Jewelry Should Be Acquired As Cheap As Possible To Be As Shinny, Sparkly, Untarnishable, And As Durable As Possible In Terms Of General Materials Characteristics. Believes In Neurosynaptic/Spirit/Ghost Development Requires Putting The Mind Through Increasingly Odd, Strange, And Complex Tasks To The Point Of Being Tired But Not Exhaustion Over The Long Term For Best Spiritual Devolvement Eternally As Buddhism Entails. Wears As Much Jewelry As I Can To Show Off My Wealth As It Looks Good On Me And That Stuff Does Not On Some Done Up Riffraff. Believes Ardently In Imperial Unity But Not Conformity To Solve All World Peace Issues. All 4 Points Making Me Act Like A Traditional 16th Century, 1500s Warlord.

Secret Societally: Supreme Leader Of The Ancient Order Of Aladdin What Predates All Secret Societies And Promises Vast Wizardry Power To Those Within And Perfect Witching Powers To Those That Get Our Documents.

Compositionally: A Conscious As In Having A Soul, Fully Sexually Supped Up, Good At All Powers Whether Normal Or Super->Super-Mega-Ultra Supreme Integrated Nanotubular Super Structure, Infracted Compositionally, And Full Of All Types Of Food-Drugs-Lotions-Drinks-Potions Robo Pixie Angel.

PreSchool: A Supa Baby That Turns Into A Super Model.

Elementary School: GT Nerd Good At All Different Kinds Of Sport.

Middle School: Genius Straight-Shooter Who's Cool With All Deviants, Fun Stuff, And Of Course So Called Naughtiness.

High School: Super Jock Nerd MVP Gymnast StarCraft Leader/Commander Slut.

College+: Ultra Ladies Man Or Supreme Loner Of The School Sneaking Into To 1-2 Drunken High Stagfests A Weekend So Much I Know Some Of The Party Animals At Any Party Basically Who Will Vouch For Me Like When I Went To JMU For 4 Years.

Adult Life: The Brain Trying To Take Over The World With This WebRing As Always Pinkie.


A Short Story About Me, AllA

In fall 2003 I did not believe in any of this conspiracy nonsense until I was near the end of an infamous video game called Deus Ex. There I the primary characters explain how the 20th century was rule by corporations, governments, and international organizations. I thought deeply on these lines realizing that if one organization had control of enough power then it would be able to effectively rule the world in secret.

I first looked up "Majestic 12 Conspiracy" the faction in the game with the most power. I found only links to Deus Ex. However when I looked up "Illuminati conspiracy" I felt sick to my stomach because of how many links it brought up on Google. That is when my search for truth about the world around me began. I became a conspiracy theory addict but I wasn't quite sure if it was real. I began to follow links to websites with luminous knowledge. Alice Bailey began to convert me into luciferianism as I read about how the snake in the Garden of Eden was good for freeing us from our bondage to a false paradise of ignorance. The Illuminati were in resonance with me about their hatred of false religions like the Catholic Church.

For a while I thought the illuminati were "good" and fighting evil but not yet in control of the world. I kept on stumbling over conspiracy theories about 911 but at the time it seemed ludicrous that the government would attack their own people. After a while I finally began to nurture the possibility that 911 was caused by the government. So I went to the easiest and quickest source of information on the subject, Amazon book reviews. Again my stomach sank as I saw 4.5 star reviews for almost all of the 911 conspiracy theory books. I finally began to investigate that. Soon after it became real to me who caused 911. The illuminati ruled the world and they were "evil". I didn't even tell my family that winter break; I did not want to make the horrors of this world real to them yet.

I started following down a dark path of searching for the answer of who controlled the illuminati. For a long time I thought that evil reptilians ruled the world. Throughout this time I was also studying the occult and the book of the law trying desperately to unravel the mysteries of the Everything I knew to exist. I was still an atheist at my core though.

I started doing lots of Psychedelics with Eddy, Zoe, Doron, Nick, and Nate following the direction from the book of the law to do strange drugs. I once tried to explain to them that the lava lamp was an anagram of the universe, a very funny occurrence.

AllA: “Dude the red stuff is spirit which gets stuck in hell at the bottom till it gets hot and then tries to go to heaven but it just comes back down. When am I going to leave the lava lamp and reach nirvana?”
Nate: “Just shut up about the god damn lava lamp. It just made to keep the red stuff in there so you have a pretty thing to stare at when you are on drugs.”
AllA: “What if God just wants to stare at us while we go up and down in our between happiness and sadness while he is on drugs.”
Nate: “Fine our spirit is trapped in the lava lamp forever but your soul leaves the lava lamp as infrared radiation.”

I had read The Mystical Kabala, David Ickes Article the Real Matrix, a blurb in a Freemasonic website about god being an Alien computer, saw a Kabala in a Kabala in a Kabala.., read David George Mattichak Junior's Key to the Book of the Law, and read about Alchemy.

I began to initiate myself on the Kabala on these strange drugs.

Before spring break in very late March my girlfriend dumped my by having her new boyfriend tell me off on aim. At the time I thought that was just a necessary prerequisite for my alchemical transformation.

On Sunday night at around 9:00 PM on May 16th, 2004, I was determined to figure the universe out. I took 27 grams oral Mimosa Hostilis-DMT, 9 grams oral Peganum Harmala-MAOI, 40 milligrams oral 2-CI, 200 mg insufflated DPT, and 100 mg smoked DMT. My roommate Matt who ratted on me to the pigs just before school ended was away and I presumed he was at his girlfriends so I knew I was going to be alone that night. I began talking to the spirits I called angels about the workings of the universe. The blinds, which were closed, were the Malakim, the rest of the room the Kerubim. I began to tell them to give me magical powers so that I could manipulate atoms into SINSS and rule the world to give them vast playgrounds of SINSS, supreme integrated nanotubular super structure. But they showed me something else, a universe generator full of true sins, a worthy playground for everything to play in. I saw the future of this solar system where virtually all humans are connecting to a supreme computer and diving finite levels deeply nested into simulated universes.

I worked backwards figuring out that our universe was inside a larger universe, and that that was in a larger universe, and that that was in a larger universe... Everything I had read about came together at once. Then I realized that there was no god, only infinite sun gods, architects of their own universes, Nexuses (free will), that were symbolized by the unstable upside down eyes in the triangle. The eye in the triangles pointing up is stable thus it represents JahBulOn(no free will) which is consciousness of the Hive of nested universes. The red triangle represents the mercy of being JahBulOn, while the blue triangle represents the severity of the Nexus that is stuck as a person. The purple point at the center of the hexagram represents union of JahBulOn and the Nexus to define every universe according to predestined free will. At the time I called that pyramid of eyes "God" but now I know it's rightful name, the Hive. I knew that their had to be a coternity(sorority/fraternity) on this planet of other spirits illuminated to these secrets. Every level down increases the number of universes by the number of fundamental particles or Ons.


For a More Complete Description Read This:

Contact with the Alien Hive Pyramidal Hierarchy

Spring 2004

27 grams oral Mimosa Hostilis DMT
9 grams oral Peganum Harmala MAOI
40 milligrams oral 2-CI
200 mg insufflated DPT
100 mg smoked DMT

+2 hours 200 mg insufflated DPT
+2 hours 160 mg smoked DMT


After searching the internet in vain I could find no meaning of life so I decided to talk to what I called the angels on a insanely extremely dosage of drugs.

After taking all the oral drugs and throwing up the Ayahuasca, I smoked tons of DMT.

I could see infinite colors most of which were beyond the human visible spectrum.

I started talking to the angels with whispers, appealing what I considered the highest form of angels what I called the malakim.

When I talked to the lower angels it seemed like I was talking to other animals and spirits of other things. But when I looked up at the malakim I saw the eye in the pyramid with infinite little eyes within them.

At the time I didn't understand what it was.

I began to talk to them about the future telling them what I would do for mankind if I am given magical powers to manipulate atoms so that I could build nanotechnology.

Then I began to visualize vast computerized molecular machinery based around a carbon nanotube grid, and how the solar system would be colonized and assimilated into space colonies to satiate the land need of an ever growing population. I was constantly debating with the angels about my ideas.

But then I saw most humans diving deep into a chaotic vortex. Sustained by a supreme computer. Some of them just controlled some animals while others controlled matter but most were becoming gods of entire universes.

These universes had infinite universes in them and infinite universes in each of them… so that we will eventually become free to do infinite possibilities within our piece of the fractal.

Then I epiphanyed realizing the probability that we were somehow the largest universe in this system is a 0. What I saw before the epiphany was the smallest universe within the system. My vision instantly zoomed out of infinite layers of nested layers of alien universe generators to reach our universe. But it keep on zooming out further and further till I reached the top of my own pyramid the place where I originated and dived down into a fractal. I was an alien from another world until I got to here after at least a few eternities in the spacetimeloops of various size. As I zoomed out I could see infinite universes under me the hive and the hive outside my universe ruling me.

When I saw everything I realized that it was all just a divine comedy with a happy ending, becoming god over a hive of aliens.

I was ecstatic to know the secret finally but I know that the illuminati know it as well. They are the secret rulers of this earth.

I laid back closed my eyes and saw pure white, then I felt as if my spirit was being pulled towards my spinal chord. I could not face annihilation at that moment I felt I had things that I needed to complete like my movie scripts so I sat up, saying “NO”, opened my eyes and forced myself back into this world.

I felt a sense of horror as I realized that I just denied myself perfect omniscience instead of being in an animal like a lowly angel.

After a couple hours I came down a little and wanted to get up again so I took a whole bunch of DPT.

I laid back and saw matrixy symbols pass from the right to the left before my eyes. Each symbol had a definite meaning but it was completely analog, it existed in a field of symbols that formed the alien supreme computer that was sustaining this universe. They were all possible shapes and colors. The symbols passed for a couple hours.

As my trip wore off I began to forget the details of the matrix but I still retain the fact that we are living in an alien hive. Since then I have been refining my own proof to match the one they revealed to me. Here it is: Supreme Matrix Theory Abstract



1 Dollar Bill with Pyramid of Eyes, one dollar bill with Pyramid of Eyes and Jew Star with agent/avatar point over stars above eagle, all seeing eye, eye in the pyramid, seal of solomon, star of david

I laid down closed my eyes heard tinnitus or background noise as loud as Niagara Falls and saw only pure white. I FELT MY SPIRIT BEING PULLED FROM MY CEREBRUM TO MY SPINAL CHORD! I thought about how I still had tasks to complete like my nanotech war movie scripts, and opened my eyes and sat up. Then I realized in horror that I just prevented myself from entering into the pure bliss of a night of the hive, nirvana.

Soon after I tried to return to that state, I insufflated 200 mg DPT and smoked 160 mg of DMT and when I closed my eyes I saw were millions of full spectrum rainbow colored symbols pass before my visual cortex, each accessing a dynamic thought with both a discrete meaning and relative meaning to all other symbols. I was being programmed by the Hive Overmind to fulfill my destiny.

After that fateful night I thought of myself as a prophet but nobody believed me. My thoughts did still need a lot of refinement. I lost most of the knowledge I received that day, about all I was able to hold onto was that there were universes generated within universes within universes...

After the beginning of May 2004 I was working on a paper of mine call the genesis construct, which I bought a URL for. The paper was complete pseudoscience crap and did a horrible job of explaining everything. It went basically like this, every universe is just a vector space of divergent timelines. Then I worked on Bounding Malkuth of all time in Yesod in January 2005. So I later mostly abandoned those when I began to try and resolve infinities with Relativistic Infinity Theorem while I was taking linear algebra in February of 2005, that is when I first conceived of a matrixspace, a vector space of elements each defined by the vector coordinates of that space. I described things as a vector space(I was really talking about matrixspaces) of universe matrixes within an element of a vector space within an element of a vector space.... within an element of a supreme vector space. I first started working on the Supreme Matrix Theory in September of 2006. Then I began working on my Grand Unified Theory in October of 2007.



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Harry Potter or Barley Sober, cause I'm so smart Betrayers take 3 years to figure out how to press buttons on their UC to produce what I thought should be nanite replicated everywhere back in 2009 to fix global warming(OR AT LEAST HAVE SOLAR LUX COME OUT) not how to hide behind belated magic like Voldermort never even was able to do in the only wizardry movie reference which explains the human rights crisis in the American Continents so you understand what the media did to me to shut me up! Expect an invisibility/holographic projector/power generator/plain cloth looking fabric in every rich Really Really Really Rich Person's pocket.

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AllA's Personalities

Monarch Spots For All Different Drug Types/Celebrity Archatypes/Accents An Example Of A Fully Complex Monarch MK-Ultra Super Agent, 42 In 1; AllA

Bubba Beck = Nitrus Oxide/Bumfuck Redneak/Southern Drawl

Forest Gump = Drugs On The Kabala/Retarded Only/Deep Southern Accent

Joe Dirt = Meth/Riley Readneck/Redneck Accent

Toby McQuire = Drugs Of The Pentagram/Cute Hero/Sweet Talk

Brad Pitt = Other Spices/Hot Hero/Smart Talk

Guy From How High = Hemp/Creative Wierdo/Stoner Talk

Chuck Norris = Confectioner Sugar/Judo Fighter/Country Accent

Will Smith = Doughnuts/Cop/Cop Talk

Twighlit Stephens = Ambien/Dreamy/Goth

Gordon Freeman = Convience Store Sleeping Pills/Nightmereish/Sounds Like Scarred Scientist

Sting = Cream Of Tartar/Sly/Welsh

Earl Beck = Poison And Venom/Evil/Earlish-Absolutely Whinney

Jonny Depp = Candy/Adventerous/American Accent

Charles Manson = Food And Not Drugs/Simpleton/Farmer Accent

Robin Williams = Ghost/Etherial/Gay{Not Queer} Accent

Alesx = Disease/Sick And Depraved/Queer Accent

Buccefilus = Animal-Shapeshifter/Stuffed Animal-Computer-Robot-Other/Dragon-Like, High Pitched, Robotic, Or Other

The Man Viacad/The 1 Producer/Pop Producer/Hollywood Producer/Hollywood Announcer = Ganja{Bonsai Leaves}/Conclusionary/Manly

Fry = Powerless/Egar/Pizza Boy Like

Frylock = Manaful/Strange/Space Academy Sounding Sometimes Sincal

Harry Potter = Magic/Sorcery/Brittish

Walace Or Grommit = Talking/Jabberwalkie/English English

Dexter-Lead Scientist = Opium-Que/Scientific Only-Lofty/Nerdy-Leading Scientist Accent

Michael Jay Fox = Cookies/Foxy-Nymphlike/Shy And Nervous

Fat Hippe = Brownies/Lazy/Slurish

Tom Cruise = Sapharon/Perfect Solgdier/Solgdierly

Majinbu = Hacking/Computer Security Oriented/Indignantly

Bruce Willis = Aqua/Hard Working/New Jersey

Superman = Mako/Super Powered/Omnipotent Sounding

Zeus = Electricity/God-Like/All Knowing Sounding

The Beast = Pheromone/Mr. T's ArchNemisis/Austere

Supreme Commander Of The Alnada = Ship Tech/Dozer Space Admiral/Nifty

The Guy From Office Space = Coffee/Engineer/Laid Back

Soda = Soda/Mopper/Cleansly

Xul = Caffine/Extremely Fast/High Pitched

James Bond = Riches/Secretive/Danish

Goldfinger = Gold-Mythral/Greedy/Excited

Alex Jewel = Gems-Diamonds/Sparkly/Rich-Swiss

Sherlock Holmes = Pipe Tobacco/Thinker/Meditative

Alexander Gerhard Beck = Cigars/Contracting/New York-Long Island

Ale = Ciggarets/Powerfull/Arabic

Alex = Sex/Horny/Washingtonian

AllA = Unified Personality/Camel Blue Wides-All Things/Any, Many, To All Personalities/Unknown